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Don’t cancel life

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We live times when everything seems to be canceled. In the last year we went through school canceled, sports canceled, concerts canceled, even birthdays canceled.

I mean, they canceled meeting with friends and family, hugs and kisses. Or at least they tried.

And we had to adapt and adjust.

But is this in our nature? Could we actually transform to this kind of… And I can’t find the term, cause it’s not people or human beings.

Of course, we couldn’t and wouldn’t be totally like that. We tried first, thinking about safety… ours and of the loved ones.

Still, some of us, many of us, lost some closed ones. Friends, brothers, parents, children, grandkids… That pain can’t pass away.

We’ve got scared, we tried to run away, to stay apart so we couldn’t lose anyone else.


We’ve almost lost ourselves.

Can we really be totally safe? Can anyone guarantee that we will all be fine?

And in the meantime what should we do? Just wait for a sign? And let life pass besides us?

Maybe we can cancel schools, sports, arts and even birthdays, but can we cancel life?

Yes, we will feel pain, and loss, and grief, and despair, and burnout, and disappointment, and every bad thing that can come to one’s mind.

But we can also feel love, and laughter, and happiness, and hope.

We can feel and be so many good things as long as we are and feel alive. As long as we don’t cancel LIFE.

So don’t cancel life!

You think that life has risks now. It has always had risks. It’s not like we’ve just suddenly acknowledged that life can be hard and it can come to an end when you don’t expect it to end.  

So embrace every moment of it! Enjoy every minute of it! Express your love and find happiness in every small things around you! Even just because – and maybe mostly because – you realize now more than ever that no one can know when it will end.

Be safe as much as you can, but don’t run away from others, from the ones that are close to you, from life itself.

Cancel meetings, cancel parties and other activities if you think you should do that, but don’t cancel life!

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